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I’ve seen this question come up a few times recently so I’ve decided to drop a quick guide on here to help people out with this. Figuring out how to make this work if you don’t already know the trick can take forever and be very troublesome, but the steps are pretty simple.

You have to create a mail enabled contact in order to add it to a distribution list.
*UPDATE* Here are the steps to do this in Exchange 2007 as well:
Exchange 2007:
Step 1. Log on to your Exchange 2007 mail server and open the Exchange Management Console.
Step 2. Right click on “Recipient Configuration” and choose New Contact.
Step 3. Select “New Contact” and click Next.
Step 4. Enter the contact info.
Step 5. Click “Edit” and enter the External E-mail address.
Step 6. Click Next, then click New.

Exchange 2003:
Step 1. Log on to your domain controller and open Active Directory Users and Computers.
Step 2. In the user group right click and select New, Contact.
Step 3. Fill out the persons information and click Next.
Step 4. Make sure the “Create an Exchange e-mail address” box is checked. Click the “Modify” button and choose SMTP address, put the persons external email address in the blank. Click ok.Click Next.
Step 5. Click Finish.
Step 6. Right click on the new contact and select “Add to group”. Enter the name of the group you want to add it to and click “Check Names”. Click Ok.

And Voila! That external email address will now receive mail sent to the group. If you found this helpful, please remember to .

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