Posted on 10-12-2009
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There are a lot of troubleshooting articles out about the 0×85010014 error. Chances are, one of them will fix whatever problem you’re having that has resulted in the error. However if after trying all of the regular troubleshooting you still can’t get the phone to sync then I just might have a solution for you.
After about an hour of wading through all of the troubleshooting for this issue and being completely certain that all of the settings on the phone and the server were correct I STILL couldn’t get a phone to sync. A little bit of deeper digging resulted in the following discover. Log on to your exchange server, open up the IIS management console, right click on the Default Website, and click Properties. Now click on the ISAPI Filter tab and take a look at the entries listed there, chances are the SBSFLT.dll has a big red arrow next to it, indicating that it failed to load. Locate the file (which should reside in c:\inetpub\sbsflt\sbsflt.dll) and then remove the SBSFLT ISAPI filter and re-add it. Now restart IIS. Wait about 10 minutes and your devices should all be happily syncing away.

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