Posted on 21-01-2011
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So Apple has decided in a fit of pique that its users have TOO MUCH freedom. That’s right, your ability to remove the screws and open up that iPhone is just not acceptable. So they’ve gone and replaced the normal screws with Pentalobular screws in their new devices, and what’s more if you take your current device in for repair they will stealthily swap out THOSE screws as well! What can you do about it you ask? Well let me just tell you….

Our good friends over at iFixit have already leaped into action and produced the iPhone Liberation Kit which costs a very reasonable 9.95$ for a Pentalobular screw driver as well as a set of tiny #00 phillips head screws and a #00 Philips head screwdriver to install them with.

So fear not my minions, if you just can’t stand the thought of not being able to dismantle your iDevice and solder things to it, we have a solution. A quick 10$ purchase from a set of guys that do great work already and you’re back in business.

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